Do you have mouth guards for children?

Yes! Check out the popular Sova night guard for children in the above size options and choose “child”

It is estimated that 1 in 5 children will grind their teeth, resulting in sleepless nights, damaged teeth and unwelcomed pain!

At 1.6mm thin, the SOVA Junior Night Guard is powered by Diffusix Technology and scientifically designed to protect precious little smiles from a night of grinding.

The non-compressible, perforated material is designed to distribute pressure and allow the natural flow of air and saliva to protect growing jaws and teeth from the effects of teeth grinding, TMJ and Bruxism.

  • Dental night guard for kids ages 6-11
  • Developed specifically for growing jaws and teeth, guard distributes pressure caused by grinding to protect teeth at night
  • Customisable and re-mouldable to ensure perfect fit and comfort for kids age 6-11, without a visit to the dentist
  • Non-toxic mouth guard cleans easily with soap/water, or toothpaste/toothbrush