Fitting the SOVA mouthguard

Do you have two minutes? Because that’s all it takes to custom fit the sova night guard!

Just follow these simple step-by-step instructions, and after about two minutes you’ll end up with a highly customised mouth guard.

Fitting Checklist

  • Bowl
  • Hot, but not boiling, water 71˚C
  • Fork or similar utensil
  • Mirror


  1. Wash your hands and the material with soap and water.fitting-instruction-1.png
  2. Heat water to about 71°C (160°F) for example in a kettle, on the hob or in a microwave oven. Immerse the mouth guard in hot, but not boiling water until the material becomes soft and pliable. Then lift up the material with a fork or your fingers. Please note that the coloured mouth guard may take a little longer to soften.
  3. Hold the soft material as shown in the picture. DO NOT LET IT FOLD!fitting-instruction-3.png
  4. Bite down gently on the solid front bar, then press the tongue against the material to hold it in place.fitting-instruction-4.png
  5. Use a mirror. Mould it against the front of the teeth with your fingertips and up on the sides to the gum line to create the shield. Make sure most of the material is on the outside of the teeth. The material will not extend to the gum line.fitting-instruction-5.png
  6. Close the lips over the mouth guard and gently create suction until the material has hardened. This will ensure a snug fit within a minute or so. If you are not satisfied with the result just slip the mouth guard back in the water, let it soften and straighten out and then start over.fitting-instruction-6.png