For those suffering from sleep apnoea, are (MADs) an effective alternative to CPAP therapy?

Yes – primarily in the case of position-related sleep apnoea (i.e., when you temporarily stop breathing while sleeping on your back) – MADs are a good alternative to CPAP therapy. However, our MADs are generally not suitable for those suffering from severe sleep apnoea (more than 30 breathing interruptions per hour, AHI value over 30). Please first clarify with a medical professional if a MAD would be suitable for you.

The MADs somnipax guard and somnipax guard S are especially suited for the therapy of mild- to-average position-related sleep apnoea. somnipax guard, as an all-rounder, is suitable for almost all jaw sizes. somnipax guard S is not only slim-fitting, but also especially suited for small- and average-sized jaws. Discover which MAD is the best option for you via one simple trick:

Cut a square from a thick and clean cardboard box, just large enough in size to fit inside your mouth and to cover your teeth. Insert the cardboard square into your mouth and bite down on it. This should leave behind a clear imprint of your jaw on the cardboard square. Then measure the length and width of your jaw imprint with the aid of a ruler, followed by comparing your measurements with the MAD measurements provided on the respective product page in the section “Technical Data”. The MAD should be at least 1 mm larger in length and width than that of your jaw imprint in order to be a suitable fit for your respective jaw size.

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