What experiences have you had thus far with mandibular advancement devices (MAD)? What is the purchasing process of such a MAD, and must dental impressions to be made in advance?

We have had very good experiences with MADs. It is not without reason that they are recognised as a good alternative to CPAP therapy (so-called second-line treatment) for those who do not tolerate CPAP therapy well.

When selecting a suitable MAD – aside from minding the price –, one should pay special attention to the appropriate size and comfort:

With regard to selecting the appropriate size, we recommend the following approach:

Cut a square from a thick and clean cardboard box, just large enough in size to fit inside your mouth and to cover your teeth. Insert the cardboard square into your mouth and bite down on it. This should leave behind a clear imprint of your jaw on the cardboard square. Then measure the length and width of your jaw imprint with the aid of a ruler, followed by comparing your measurements with the MAD measurements provided on the respective product page in the section “Technical Data”. The MAD should be at least 1 mm larger in length and width than that of your jaw imprint in order to be a suitable fit for your respective jaw size.

We do not require dental impressions from you. The majority of our MADs are easily custom-moulded with the help of a warm water bath, in the comfort of your own home. These MADs can be remoulded several times. Through the customisation process, the MADs are fitted exactly to your bite and, thus, provide a precise fit. It may also be possible to carry out the customisation with the assistance of your ENT doctor or dentist, if you are uncomfortable doing this alone.

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