The Best Surfing Ear Plugs?

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The SurfEars 3.0 ($62.95) is the latest improved model from the famous SurfEars company. The SurfEars guarantee a flexible fit and a solid seal without affecting your hearing. People say it’s one of the greatest earplugs for surfing, but is it?


Surf earplugs set. It fits all ear sizes.

Survive even in rough surf with a lanyard. (No more swim caps or headbands!)

Protective acoustic mesh for surfers Great for talking with your plugs in and avoiding surfer’s ears.

Color-coded for right and left plugs.





First Impression and Storage

The SurfEars are designed to be portable. It comes in a tough, soft silicone container with a magnetic latch that keeps your plugs safe but accessible. The back of the case has small openings that allow your plugs to dry when stored. This modest but effective feature keeps your ears dry and prevents the dreaded mushy clog. An aluminum carabiner allows it to be readily attached to a backpack or keyring.

In addition to using vegetable-based ink for the instructions, SurfEars only uses a basic cardboard band as packaging. Unlike a disposable swimmer’s plug, the silicone case can last a lifetime if properly cared for.

A magnetic storage container with an aluminum carabiner for connecting to your backpack or keyring.


Sizing and Fit 

The SurfEars is a modular surf and swim plug that has several sized tips and wings to create a custom-sized fit. Eight completely different-sized sets result from four various tip sizes and two different wings, making this as adjustable as or more than even the most customizable sleep or music set. Each set contains eight distinct sizes and, more significantly, you may create a separate- sized pair for each ear. This is ideal for people with varied-sized ears because it allows for a unique fit on either side for the optimum fit.

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For your initial test, I suggest a bath, pool, or a shallow area of the ocean. Submerge the medium first to test the water tightness. If it’s not set, the water will seep in. Alternate the sizes until you find one that works. You’ll know when it’s just right. (If you have sensitive ears or grommets, a better way to test is to use disposable silicone plugs and compare their form to the SurfEars tips. This way, you can discover the right size without soaking your ears. As soon as they were in place, I felt great. It fit my ear perfectly and didn’t strain on my delicate ear canal. It sat snugly in the water. The silicone tips are flexible and conform to the ear’s shape. In addition, the color-coded plugs make it easier to distinguish right from left.

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Water tightness and performance

This year’s SurfEars 3.0 has an acoustic mesh. With this mesh, you can still hear and converse while avoiding wind and filth. It’s a hefty commitment, especially when it comes to avoiding the dreaded surfer’s ears. (This explains why so many old folks have blue tacks in their ears!) I had to get used to the acoustic mesh. Most of us associate well-fitting plugs with blocked ears; however, I discovered that the SurfEars had only a minor impact on my hearing when correctly placed. It was easy to talk and listen even in the water, making these excellent for social surfing with friends or swimming lessons.

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Even with my head continually submerged and moving while lap swimming, the SurfEars fit well. No swimmer’s headband or cap was required, making this versatile ensemble appropriate for surfing, swimming, and other water sports. The SurfEars leash is a tiny yet durable strap that wraps around your neck, similar to your board’s ankle strap. It protects your plugs, even if you get tossed. If the plugs fall out of your ear, they will stay linked to the lanyard and your neck, allowing you to re-insert them

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