Alpine PartyPlug Vs. PartyPlug Pro Natural

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Last Updated on May 9, 2024

Choosing the Best Earplugs for Music: Alpine PartyPlug vs. PartyPlug Pro Natural

When you’re heading to parties, concerts, or festivals, safeguarding your hearing while relishing the music is paramount. Alpine, a leading brand in universal hearing protection, offers two exceptional options: the PartyPlug and the PartyPlug Pro Natural. But what sets them apart, and which one suits you best? Let’s dive into the specifics.


Filter Variance: Linear vs. Non-linear Attenuation

The key disparity lies in their filters. The PartyPlug Pro Natural boasts linear attenuation filters, while the PartyPlug features non-linear attenuation filters. But what do these terms signify?

Linear Attenuation Filters: Also known as flat attenuation filters, these are ideal for music aficionados. They maintain the music’s original quality by reducing volume to a safe level without distorting its character. Musicians and frequent concert-goers favor these filters for an authentic music experience.

Sleep and Sound Partyplug pro natural music earplugs content alpine hearing protection 600x600 1


Non-linear Attenuation Filters: These filters, found in the PartyPlug, offer substantial protection while slightly altering the music. They attenuate higher frequencies more than lower ones, resulting in minimal distortion. For most users, this difference is negligible and doesn’t detract from the enjoyment.

Alpine Party Plug Earplugs Box

Choosing the Right Fit

So, which earplug should you opt for?

  • PartyPlug Pro Natural: is perfect for immersive music experiences at festivals or concerts. Its linear attenuation filters preserve sound quality while providing ample hearing protection. You’ll relish the music at a reduced volume without compromising its richness.Sleep and Sound Partyplug pro natural music earplugs details alpine hearing protection 600x600 1

  • PartyPlug: A solid choice for occasional use, going out, or less critical listening scenarios. It offers good protection while maintaining musical audibility and comfort for extended wear.Alpine Party Plug Earplugs Girl

In terms of hearing protection, both options excel. The PartyPlug Pro Natural, with an average attenuation of 21 decibels, reduces sound levels to around 80–82 decibels, ensuring safe listening for up to 8 hours.

Additional Features

Apart from filter variances, here are some extra features to consider:

  • PartyPlug Pro Natural:

    • Accessories: Transparent elastic lanyard, cleaning spray, and a pouch with a hook for easy carrying.
    • Price: $29.95Partyplug music earplugs transparant alpine sleep and sound
  • PartyPlug:

    • Accessories: Miniboxx for attaching to keys.
    • Price: $16.95Sleep and Sound Partyplug pro natural music earplugs storage alpine hearing protection 600x600 1

Quick Product Comparison

Feature Alpine PartyPlug Alpine PartyPlug Pro Natural
Most suitable for Festivals, concerts, going out Festivals, concerts, going out
Attenuation Attenuates higher frequencies Attenuates all frequencies evenly
Sound quality Good Outstanding
Attenuation Rating (SNR) 19 dB 21 dB
Speech intelligibility
Material Soft, anti-allergic Soft, anti-allergic
Colors available Various Only transparent
With Miniboxx No
With luxury pouch No
With cleaning spray No
With lanyard No
Price $16.95 $29.95



Ultimately, your choice between the PartyPlug and the PartyPlug Pro Natural depends on your priorities: top-notch sound quality or a more economical option for occasional use. Whichever you choose, Alpine earplugs guarantee optimal ear protection without compromising your music enjoyment.

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