Luxury eye masks

Luxury Eye Masks

Introducing our range of luxury eye masks that are taking Australia by storm!If you are looking for a quality, stylish, and 100% effective sleep mask, look no further than our range of luxury sleep masks.

Our masks are perfect for night shift workers, but they are loved by everyone! They block out all light so you can get a good night’s sleep, even during the day. The best part is that it won’t touch your eyes or eyelashes, so you can sleep comfortably without worrying about them.

Our luxury eye masks are handmade from quality materials and are the perfect way to get a good night’s sleep, no matter the time of day. So why not try one today and see for yourself? You won’t be disappointed!

Experience Better Sleep with Our Top 3 Luxury Masks

Experience luxury sleep with our top three eye masks. They’re super comfy and make bedtime better.

Dream Essentials

Escape Luxury Sleep Mask

The Escape Luxury Sleep Mask by Dream Essentials is a sleep-inducing masterpiece. Its plush comfort and complete light-blocking make it an indispensable tool for deep, uninterrupted rest, ensuring you wake up refreshed and energized.


$34.95 – $39.95


Best Selling

Pure Mulberry Silk Sleep Mask

The Pure Mulberry Silk Sleep Mask for side sleepers is a sleep essential. Its gentle touch and contoured design provide the perfect blend of comfort and darkness, ensuring a night of undisturbed, blissful rest.



Deep Sleep

Opulence Plush Sleep Mask

The Opulence Plush Sleep Mask is a bedtime essential that transforms your nights into a serene oasis. Its plush comfort and light-blocking magic ensure uninterrupted, quality sleep—a must-have for revitalizing rest.


$35.90 – $39.90

Our Best Luxury Eye Masks Collection

Redolence Plush Aromatherapy Sleep Mask Set

Sure, you can try any old sleep mask to get some shuteye. Or you can try our Redolence Aromatherapy Sleep Mask Set! Complete with an aromatherapy pad, it has the power to relax and unwind your mind - and muscles. And if using one scent is not enough for your needs, we've got a combo pack with lavender and peppermint oils! Enjoy this product as a gift or indulge in it yourself-either way, no matter what kind of night you're having (or day), the best thing about our Soft Plush Sleep Mask is how easily it makes everything better...  
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Travel Bundle (Travel Pillow, Sleep Mask & Earplugs)

Original price was: $106.90.Current price is: $98.90.
Take the Travel Bundle with you wherever you go and get a good night's sleep, even when you're on the go. This set includes a comfortable sleep mask to block out light, a soft plush neck pillow for support, and earplugs to block out noise. The sleep mask is made of breathable materials and has an adjustable strap so you can get a perfect fit. The neck pillow is inflatable, so you can customise the level of support you need. The earplugs are made of soft foam for a snug and comfortable fit. Whether you're flying cross-country or taking a road trip, the Travel Bundle will help you arrive well-rested and ready to go.
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Escape Luxury Eye Mask/Alpine Flyfit Ear Plugs Bundle

Original price was: $67.90.Current price is: $61.00.
Dream Essentials Escape Luxury Eye Mask and Alpine Flyfit Ear Plugs are the perfect combination for long haul flying. Arrive
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Sleep Mask for Side Sleepers (SleepSoft Ear Plugs Bundle)

Do you need a sleep mask that will be soothing enough to sleep on your side? The Silk Eye Mask for Side
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Opulence Brocade Sleep Mask Gift Set

Original price was: $49.95.Current price is: $42.45.
Welcome to the world of Opulence, where style and comfort come together to give you the best sleep of your life. Our Opulence Brocade Sleep Mask Gift Set is the perfect way to treat yourself or a loved one to a touch of luxury. Our beautiful Opulence Brocade Sleep Mask is handmade with luxurious 100% cotton interlocked padding and is decorated with a stunning brocade pattern. It's soft, comfortable, and lightweight, making it the perfect choice for a good night's sleep. And because it effectively blocks out light, you'll wake feeling refreshed and well-rested.  
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Solace Soothing Gel Eye Mask

Our soothing gel eye mask is the perfect choice for relieving tension, headaches, or simply just taking some time to relax. It reduces puffiness, soothes sinuses, and helps to relieve headache pain. The Solace Cooling Gel Eye Mask is perfect to use cold or warm for those days when you need an instant relaxation boost!  
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Pure Mulberry Silk Sleep Mask for Side Sleepers

Original price was: $49.95.Current price is: $42.45.
Introducing the Pure Mulberry Silk Sleep Mask for Side Sleepers – a luxurious eye mask that is perfect for those who sleep on their side. Made from high-quality, all-natural mulberry silk, this mask is constructed to be thin enough to be comfortable when sleeping on your side while still maintaining the soft, supple feel of silk. The Pure Mulberry Silk Sleep Mask for Side Sleepers is a small luxury with amazing benefits. Unlike other sleep masks on the market, our mask is made from superior mulberry silk materials that gently apply pressure to your face, leaving you with a cool and inviting sensation to relax. Additionally, our mask is thin enough to be comfortable when sleeping on your side while still providing the benefits of a sleep mask.  
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Dream Essentials Solitude Aromatherapy Sleep Mask

Introducing the Dream Essentials Solitude Aromatherapy Sleep Mask! This amazing sleep mask is perfect for anyone who wants to achieve a deeper, more restful night's sleep. The lavender-scented sachet provides a gentle, calming fragrance that will help you to fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night. The soothing scent of lavender is known to help lull you into a deep sleep, making this sleep mask an ideal choice for those who have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. Order your Dream Essentials Solitude Aromatherapy Sleep Mask today and start getting the restful sleep you deserve!
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Luxury Silk Eye Mask

Original price was: $45.95.Current price is: $39.95.
Looking for a way to get the best night's sleep ever? Look no further than the Luxury Silk Eye Mask! Made from 100% natural mulberry silk, this eye mask is incredibly soft and gentle on your skin. It provides complete darkness, which will help you relax and fall asleep more easily. Plus, the fully adjustable strap is stretchy and slides easily to fit any adult-size head comfortably. So why wait? Get the best night's sleep of your life with the Luxury Silk Eye Mask!
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Dreamsonic Bluetooth Sleep Mask

Original price was: $69.90.Current price is: $59.41.
Experience sleep like never before with the Sleep and Sound Dreamsonic Wireless Bluetooth Sleep Mask Headphone. A revolutionary Bluetooth Sleep Mask Headphone to block out light and noise! Ergonomically designed to be soft and comfortable, block out light, and reduce external noise interruption while you enjoy up to 9-10 hours of music paired between devices via Version 5.0 Bluetooth technology. This lightweight mask sits comfortably on your face while thin speakers produce soothing soundscapes that'll lull you off to dreamland even in noisy or bright environments!    
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Infinity Soft Fleece Sleep Mask

The Infinity Soft Fleece Sleep Mask maintains its name as the No 1 eye mask in blocking out the light.
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Opulence Plush Sleep Mask

Original price was: $39.90.Current price is: $33.91.
The Opulence Plush Sleep Mask is a luxurious way to get a good night's sleep. This premium sleep mask is made with a soft plush front that feels like a teddy bear hug for your eyes. It's designed to sit away from the eye area, so you won't feel any pressure in the delicate area around your eyes. Whether you're trying to get some daytime shut-eye or want complete darkness for a good night's sleep, this mask will give you the darkness you need to drift off into a restful slumber. The Opulence Plush Sleep Mask is also extremely comfortable to wear, thanks to its soft fabric and cushioned design. Give yourself the gift of a good night's sleep with the Opulence Sleep Mask.
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Natural Soft BAMBOO Breathe Easy Eye Mask

Original price was: $25.95.Current price is: $22.05.
This soft padded, natural bamboo eye mask, is handmade using fully breathable material to gently rests over your eyes to
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Escape Luxury Sleep Mask | Dream Essentials

If you are looking for the perfect eye mask to block light and help you get a good night's sleep, look no further than the Escape Luxury Sleep Mask. This stylish mask is made with a soft cushioned eye chamber to ensure there is no pressure on the eyes. This means you can open and close your eyes without feeling uncomfortable. This is especially important for those with long lashes, as it prevents them from rubbing against the inside of the mask. In addition, the luxury materials used in this mask will provide optimum comfort and make it a far superior option to flimsy, mass-produced masks on the market. Whether you are trying to get some rest on a long flight or simply want to relax in your own bed, the Escape Luxury Eye Mask is perfect for anyone who wants to block out the light and get a good night's sleep.
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Ultimate Relaxation with the Perfect Eye Mask

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    My Granddaughters love their new noise reduction ear muffs.

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  • Great product, has not missed a beat. Our baby sleeps soundly through the night and knows it's bed time as soon as the noise machine is turned on

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Why Invest in a Luxury Eye Mask?

Your Gateway to Restful Nights

In today's fast-paced world, getting a good night's sleep can seem elusive. For many, a tranquil night's rest is disrupted by urban lights or the minor disturbances of a shared space. This is where a luxury eye mask comes into play. Crafted to perfection, these luxury eye masks ensure you get the uninterrupted sleep you deserve. For those in Australia seeking a solution, presents a curated collection of high-end luxury sleep masks that redefine comfort and luxury.

The Silk Experience: More than Just an Eye Mask

  • The allure of silk is undeniable. Known for their natural cooling properties and exquisite softness, silk eye masks offer a pampering experience. You're in for a treat if you've never tried a silk sleep mask. Not only is it gentle on the skin, but its hypoallergenic properties make it perfect for sensitive skin types.
  • Our silk sleep mask collection is a must-explore for Aussies who want the crème de la crème of sleeping masks. We've got you covered if you're searching for the perfect silk luxury eye masks in Australia to add to your nightly routine.

Features of Our Luxury Eye Masks

Satin Splendour

Apart from silk, our range includes the sleek finish of satin luxury eye masks. Satin, with its smooth texture, ensures minimal friction, making it an excellent choice for keeping wrinkles at bay. The sleek finish of satin also adds a touch of opulence to your nightly routine, allowing you to indulge in the utmost comfort and luxury.

Contoured Comfort

Say goodbye to masks that press against your eyelids. Our contoured luxury sleep masks are designed to fit the natural curvature of the face, ensuring zero pressure on the eyes. With our luxury eye masks, you can now enjoy uninterrupted sleep, waking up feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

Aesthetic Appeal

For those who believe sleep aids should be as stylish as they are functional, our luxury sleeping masks aesthetic range is perfect. Dive into a collection that's as fashionable as it is comfortable. Immerse yourself in a variety of eye-catching designs that cater to your unique sense of style.

Cupped Design

For the ultimate blackout experience, our cupped luxury sleep masks ensure no light breaches your peaceful slumber. Achieve the ultimate blackout experience with our cupped sleep masks. Whether you're traveling or simply need complete darkness to fall asleep, our cupped luxury sleep masks provide the perfect solution, ensuring you enjoy uninterrupted sleep.

sleeping mask
eye sleep mask

Why You Should Choose luxury Sleep Masks?

  • Sleep is sacred, and every nuance counts. That's the philosophy at Sleep and Sound, where we present an elite collection of the world's most luxurious eye masks.
  • Meticulously crafted from the finest materials, these masks don’t just block light; they epitomize excellence in design and functionality. Each mask is a testament to elegance, reflecting a keen eye for style without compromising on performance.
  • Hand-selected for unparalleled quality and longevity, our range guarantees that you indulge in the crème de la crème of sleep accessories.
  • With adjustable features tailored to suit everyone and a dash of sophistication inherent in each piece, Sleep and Sound is more than a brand – it's a commitment to enhancing your nightly repose. Choose not just comfort, but a touch of luxury sleep masks.


Our chosen luxury sleep masks are made from the finest materials, reflecting the pinnacle of craftsmanship, comfort, and style from trusted brands in the luxury segment.

Absolutely! luxury eye masks prioritize comfort and are designed for extended wear, making them perfect for travel or daily use.

Most of our luxury masks feature adjustable straps or designs to ensure a comfortable fit for everyone.

Many masks in our collection are made from hypoallergenic materials. Please refer to individual product descriptions for specifics.

Absolutely! luxury eye masks make thoughtful and luxurious gifts for loved ones on various occasions.

These luxury masks are expertly designed by their respective brands to ensure maximum light-blocking for uninterrupted rest.

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