Best Sleepwear For Night Sweats

Sleepwear For Night Sweats

Sleepwear for night sweats can be distressing, often occurring in women undergoing menopause due to hormonal fluctuations. However, other health concerns can also trigger them. These sudden episodes of intense warmth, sometimes called ‘hot flashes’ during menopause, result from imbalances in body chemicals controlling our temperature. These fluctuations lead to a burst of heat, skin redness, and excessive sweating. To alleviate this discomfort, experts recommend maintaining a cooler room and opting for sleepwear for night sweats crafted from breathable materials like linen, silk, or cotton. Based on these criteria, we’ve curated a list of the best sleepwear for night sweats, ideal for managing night sweats. These options prioritize comfort, breathability, affordability, and style, ensuring you stay cool and comfortable throughout the night.

Most Popular Night Sweats Sleepwear

Discover our top three best-selling sleepwear for night sweats , sleepwear options, designed to keep you cool and comfortable all night long. Say goodbye to disrupted sleep and hello to restful nights with these customer favorites

For Women

Moisture Wicking Top

A Moisture Wicking Top is a game-changer for active individuals; it keeps you dry and comfortable during workouts, ensuring peak performance. An essential addition to your activewear sleepwear for night sweats collection!




Best Selling

Moisture Wicking Pillowcase – White Single

The Moisture Wicking Pillowcase is a game-changer. Its ability to keep you cool and comfortable all night is invaluable for a restful sleep, making it a must-have addition to any bedding collection.




Moisture Wicking Nightie

A Moisture-Wicking Nightie is essential for a comfortable night’s sleep. Its ability to keep you dry and comfortable is crucial for a restful and refreshing night, ensuring you wake up feeling your best with sleepwear for night sweats



Best Sleepwear For Night Sweats

Moisture Wicking Pillowcase – White Single

This extraordinary, new Moisture Wicking Pillowcase is a life changer for those who are hot sleepers or suffering from night sweats! Made from patented Drirelease, Optimer fabric, this speciality item is guaranteed to help you sleep better at night! This unique pillowcase will absorb all moisture so that your skin won't be uncomfortable due to sweating when sleeping on hot nights or days in the summertime! A perfect gift for yourself or anyone who sweats a lot at night!
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Moisture Wicking Long Sleeve Nightie

Does this nightie help with night sweats and sleeping hot? A flattering nightie made from our patented Dri Release fabric
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Moisture Wicking Short Sleeve Nightie

All our moisture wicking garments are made from Dri-release, a unique fabric that feels soft to wear and keeps you comfortable, dry and odour-free. Made from a patented yarn, with just a trace of natural fibres, Dri-release combines the best qualities of both – it wicks moisture away from the skin, and it’s soft to the touch.
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Moisture Wicking Singlet

Moisture Wicking Singlet Feel totally feminine and super comfortable in this gorgeous lace camisole which will keep you cool during those
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Moisture Wicking Shorts

Our dri-release shorts are feminine and flattering with a relaxed fit. The soft wide elastic waistband coupled with our innovative dri-release
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Moisture Wicking Top

Feel totally feminine and super comfortable in this beautifully cut short sleeve top which will keep you cool during those hot
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Moisture Wicking Nightie

Your answer to a Cool & Peaceful Night’s Sleep… Say good-bye to dowdy sleepwear and say hello to this stylish,
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Moisture Wicking PJ Pants 3/4

Our dri-release 3/4 jarmie pant is feminine and flattering with a relaxed fit. The soft wide elastic waistband coupled with
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    Product works a treat,don't realise your wearing it ,breathing much better

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    Ear plugs comfortable and fit well

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Experience Dry Comfort with Night Sweats Sleepwear

Stay Dry and Comfortable with sleepwear Night Sweats

Warm Australian nights often lead to the discomfort of night sweats for many. However, our special sleepwear for night sweats offers the perfect solution. Infused with advanced sweat-wicking technology, these pajamas are designed to pull moisture away from the skin, ensuring a dry and serene sleep experience. But it's not just about wicking away sweat. We're passionate about offering both style and unparalleled comfort. Made with premium materials, these sleepwear feels luxuriously soft while looking chic. Tired of damp, disrupted sleep? Explore our range. With the fusion of functionality and fashion in Australia's best sleepwear, drift into a peaceful, dry night every time. Here's to dreamy, comfortable nights ahead!

Benefits of Sweat-Wicking Sleepwear

Enhanced Comfort and Well-being

One of the standout benefits of sweat-wicking sleepwear for night sweats is the significant boost in nighttime comfort. As these fabrics are engineered to draw moisture away from the skin swiftly, they prevent the clammy and uncomfortable feeling often associated with night sweats. This means no more waking up feeling drenched or needing to change in the middle of the night. The consistent dry sensation enhances physical comfort and promotes a sense of well-being, ensuring you wake up refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

Promotion of Skin Health

Constant exposure to moisture can be detrimental to our skin. Wet or damp environments are prime breeding grounds for bacteria and fungi, potentially leading to skin irritations, rashes, or even infections. Sweat-wicking sleepwear for night sweats reduces the risk associated with these concerns. By effectively keeping the skin dry, it ensures a healthier skin environment, reducing the chances of unwanted irritations or conditions.

Durability and Longevity

Beyond immediate comfort, sweat-wicking sleepwear for night wear is crafted for longevity. These fabrics are engineered to manage moisture and withstand the regular wear and tear of daily use and frequent washing. This ensures that the garments retain their moisture-managing properties and structural integrity over time, making it a worthy investment for those seeking both quality and functionality in their sleepwear.

Fashion Meets Functionality

The modern sweat-wicking sleepwear for night sweats: options have beautifully bridged the gap between style and utility. No longer do individuals have to choose between looking good and feeling good. Many contemporary designs offer chic, elegant styles without compromising on the core functionality of moisture management. This means wearers can enjoy the best of both worlds: sleepwear that's as stylish as it is comfortable and effective.

Care Instructions

Extending the Life of Your Sweat-Wicking Sleepwear

To keep your sweat-wicking sleepwear in night sweats optimal condition, it's essential to follow proper care instructions. This ensures not only the longevity of your garments but also the sustained effectiveness of the moisture-wicking technology. Here's how to extend the life of your special sleepwear:

  • Gentle Cycle is Key: Always wash your sweat-wicking sleepwear for night sweats on a gentle cycle. This reduces the wear and tear on the fabric, ensuring it remains soft and effective for longer.
  • Cold Water Wash: Using cold water helps preserve the integrity of the fabric and its moisture-wicking properties. Hot water can degrade the material over time, reducing its effectiveness.
  • Skip the Fabric Softener: Fabric softeners can coat the fibers of your sleepwear, reducing their moisture-wicking capabilities. Instead, opt for gentle detergents free from heavy chemicals.
  • Air Dry When Possible: Tumble dryers can be harsh on specialized fabrics. Whenever possible, let your sleepwear for night sweats air dry. If you must use a dryer, ensure it's on a low heat setting.
  • Avoid ironing: The high heat from an iron can damage the fabric's technology. If wrinkles are a concern, hang your garments immediately after washing or use a steamer on a low setting for sleepwear for night sweats

Washing Tips for Best Sleepwear Longevity


  • Turn inside Inside Out for sleepwear for night sweats: This reduces direct friction on the outer surface of the garment, preventing pilling and wear.
  • Wash with Similar Fabrics for sleepwear for night sweats : Avoid washing your sweat-wicking sleepwear with rough materials like denim. Instead, group with similar lightweight fabrics.
  • Limit Bleach Use: Only use bleach when absolutely necessary, and always opt for non-chlorine bleach. Excessive bleaching can weaken the fabric fibers for sleepwear for night sweats:
  • Hand Wash Delicate Items: If your sleepwear has delicate features like lace or intricate stitching, consider hand washing to prevent damage to the sleepwear for night sweats:
  • Storage Matters: Once clean, fold and store your sleepwear in a cool, dry place. Avoid cramming them into tight spaces, which can cause wrinkles or misshapen garments.

By adhering to these care guidelines, you ensure that your sweat-wicking sleepwear remains in prime condition, offering you dry and comfortable nights for a long time to come

women's sleepwear

Sizing and Fit Guide

Find Your Perfect Fit: Sizing Chart for Aussies

We understand that every individual is unique, and getting the perfect fit is crucial for maximum comfort, especially when it comes to sleepwear for night sweats. Here's our sizing chart tailored for Aussies, ensuring that you find a piece that feels like it was made just for you.

size guide

Ensuring a Comfortable Night: How to Measure for Best Fit

  • Bust: Measure around the fullest part of your bust using a soft measuring tape. Ensure the tape remains horizontal and is not too tight or too loose.
  • Waist: Measure around the smallest part of your natural waistline – this is usually located just above your belly button. Keep the tape slightly snug but not tight.
  • Hip: Stand with your feet together and measure around the fullest part of your hips. This is usually about 20 cm below your waist.

Why You Should Choose women's sleepwear From Sleep And Sound?

  • Seeking comfort, style, and quality in women's sleepwear? Look no further than Sleep And Sound. We pride ourselves on curating an exceptional range of sleepwear for night sweats from top-notch brands, ensuring you're wrapped in premium quality every night. Beyond just comfort, our collection of sleepwear for nightsweats boasts trendy designs, keeping you stylish even at bedtime.
  • Every piece is handpicked for its unparalleled comfort, ensuring a peaceful, undisturbed sleep. Our transparent pricing reflects genuine value, promising luxury without breaking the bank. We're not just about selling sleepwear; we’re about enhancing your nightly experience.
  • Our customer-first approach guarantees a hassle-free shopping journey, and our commitment to sustainability means you’re making an eco-conscious choice. Dive into our collection of sleepwear fornight sweats and elevate your nighttime routine with Sleep And Sound. 


Night sweats sleepwear is specially designed with moisture-wicking materials to keep you dry and comfortable, helping manage night sweats and hot flashes.

We recommend referring to our detailed sizing guide on the website. If you’re in between sizes, consider your preference for a snug or relaxed fit.

If cared for properly, our sleepwear retains its moisture-wicking properties for numerous washes. Always follow the care instructions provided.

We advise washing in cold water on a gentle cycle and air drying when possible. Avoid bleach and fabric softeners as they can compromise the fabric’s effectiveness

Our sleepwear is crafted from breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics like bamboo, moisture-wicking blends, and other advanced textiles designed for comfort and coolness.

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