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Sweet Dreams Light Contoured Eye Mask

Whether you're at home, traveling, or napping during the day, the Sweet Dreams Contoured Sleep Mask ensures a tranquil sleep environment by creating a cocoon of darkness. The adjustable strap guarantees a secure fit, preventing any slipping or discomfort throughout the night. Invest in your well-being and wake up feeling refreshed and energised every morning with the Dream Essentials Sweet Dreams Contoured Sleep Mask.
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Alpine PartyPlug Earplugs

If you're the kind of person who loves to let loose and enjoy a good time at a party or concert, then you know how important it is to protect your ears from loud music. But what if you could still enjoy the music without sacrificing your hearing? With Alpine PartyPlug Earplugs, you can have the best of both worlds! These earplugs are designed to absorb the sound of the music while still maintaining the quality, so you can keep dancing all night long without worrying about damaging your ears. Plus, they're comfortable to wear so you can forget that you're even wearing them. So go ahead and let loose - your ears will thank you for it!
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Infinity Soft Fleece Sleep Mask

The Infinity Soft Fleece Sleep Mask maintains its name as the No 1 eye mask in blocking out the light.
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Macks Dreamgirl Foam Earplugs – 100 Pair Tub

Macks Dreamgirl Foam Earplugs are designed to provide ultimate comfort for small or sensitive ear canals. With a high Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 30 decibels, these noise-blocking earplugs are great for sleeping, snoring, studying, power tools, shooting sports, travel, loud events, etc.
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Macks Ear Ammo Shooters Earplugs

Original price was: $15.90.Current price is: $12.90.
Macks Soft Foam Shooters Earplugs are designed to provide maximum hearing protection and comfort while shooting. Made from a soft, low-pressure foam that conforms to your ear canal, these earplugs offer superior sound isolation when you need it most - without feeling uncomfortably tight or causing irritation. The unique bullet shape ensures an easy fit and the bright colours make them easily visible in any environment. With a  noise reduction rating of 30 dbs, Macks Soft Foam Shooters Earplugs are the perfect choice for anyone looking to protect their hearing while shooting.
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Mack’s Original Ear Plugs Tub – 100 Pair

One of our best selling soft foam earplugs. Many customers have told us you simply cannot beat Macks Original Ear
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Macks Soft Silicone Kids Earplugs

Kids earplugs are a great way to block noise and water from your little ones ears.  They are made from soft, comfortable mouldable silicone putty so they fit to the shape of any baby, toddlers or kids ears. They also help to protect your child's hearing while swimming or sleeping in noisy environments. Sleep and Sound earplugs are designed to give you the best protection for your child's ears without compromising comfort.
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Macks Variety Earplugs

Discover your perfect peace with Macks Variety Earplugs, tailored to suit your unique noise-blocking needs.
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AIRMAX Nasal Breathing Device


The specially designed Airmax, made of super soft medical grade silicone, has tiny wings that expand the narrowest parts of the nasal passage to increase airflow. This comfortable device provides an effective and straightforward solution for all people who have difficulties breathing and snoring.

The Airmax is perfect for people who have trouble breathing, especially during sleep. It is the ideal solution for people who snore at night or for those who have difficulty sleeping due to allergies, colds or touches of flu.

It is a cost-effective and natural solution to help with your breathing troubles!

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Luxury Silk Eye Mask

Original price was: $45.95.Current price is: $39.95.
Looking for a way to get the best night's sleep ever? Look no further than the Luxury Silk Eye Mask! Made from 100% natural mulberry silk, this eye mask is incredibly soft and gentle on your skin. It provides complete darkness, which will help you relax and fall asleep more easily. Plus, the fully adjustable strap is stretchy and slides easily to fit any adult-size head comfortably. So why wait? Get the best night's sleep of your life with the Luxury Silk Eye Mask!
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Macks Shooters Earplugs Corded

Original price was: $16.50.Current price is: $9.95.
Mack’s Shooters earplugs are made of soft and comfortable hypoallergenic foam, making them the perfect choice for all-day wear. They
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Macks Slim Fit Earplugs for Smaller Ears

Macks Slimfit Soft Foam Earplugs are designed specifically for people with smaller or more sensitive ear canals. These earplugs are perfect for anyone who wants to protect their hearing without sacrificing comfort. They're made of soft foam that's gentle on the ear and easy to insert, and they provide an amazing seal that blocks out noise without being too tight. Whether you're trying to block out loud noises at a concert or just want some peace and quiet, Macks Slimfit Soft Foam Earplugs are the perfect solution.
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