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It’s no secret that listening to music during the workday can help the time go by quicker. Unfortunately, when you’re working in hazardous, industrial environments, it’s almost impossible to listen to your music while protecting your ears. And in many environments, compliance with wearing earplugs to protect yourself from unforeseen hazards can be lackluster. Luckily, Plugfones with Volume Limiting technology are here to help provide the best of both worlds.

Ear Protection

Plugfones Industrial Headphones allow you to protect your ears while listening to your favorite tunes. OSHA Guidelines say that you should limit your listening of noise by around 90 dBA for an hour a day. Unfortunately, factory, construction, and industrial environments are commonly noisier than that threshold. That means individuals that work in these environments risk receiving permanent hearing damage. There’s no question as to whether you should wear hearing protection while on the job. What most people worry about with Plugfones is that they can be damaging to the ears. They fear employees will want to listen to their music loudly to compete with outside sounds. It almost seems contradictory to the point of Plugfones in the first place. This is where Worksafe Volume Limiting comes into play.

Volume Limiting Products

The built-in WorkSafe Volume Limiting is a unique, work-compliant technology that keeps Plugfones at a safe volume. Then you never have to worry about hearing damage, even after long days of using them. These VL plug ones, available on the Plugfones industrial line, limit the volume to an OSHA standard of 82dB. That makes them perfect for work environments that are OSHA-controlled. Thanks to the noise-blocking earplug design of Plugfones, this volume level is perfect. A worker won’t have to worry about trying to compete with external noise to hear their music. The noise-blocking keeps outside noise out, so they won’t need to turn the volume up. One of the other advantages of this volume-limiting technology is that it makes the environment safer for everyone. Employees cannot increase their volume past 82db, so they retain awareness of the environment around them. This ensures they can enjoy their job while still being fully aware of potential dangers as they arise. All of the volume limiting products are clearly marked with a red body color, which you can see between the tip and the cord. The highly-visible red color allows you to look for compliance standards quickly easily. Volume limiting is not available on all Plugfones models. It can, however, be found on certain FreeReign, Protector Plus, and Protector models.

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Noise Reduction Ratings

When you look at a meant to protect your hearing, you will often be presented with a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR). NRR is a measurement used to determine the effectiveness of hearing protection devices to decrease sound exposure in a specific environment. The rating is meant to help consumers decide between multiple hearing protection products to find the best one to protect them from hearing loss. OSHA highly suggests that equipment to protect hearing be worn for workers who are in a noisy environment above 85 dB for 8+ hours per day. Plugfones have an NRR rating of up to 29 dB. To put this into context, a worker might be standing next to a jackhammer with a 93 dB noise level. Wearing a pair of Plugfones would help bring that level down into the safe hearing range below 85 dB.

Are Plugfones Right For You?

Plugfones with Volume Limiting help to provide both fun and safety in hazardous work environments. All Plugfones, including those with VL capabilities, comes complete with SoundSeal Technology. SoundSeal allows you to have a completely immersive listening experience while you work. Different models come with different types of plugs, including ComforTiered Foam Plugs and ComforTiered Silicone Plugs. These plugs are interchangeable as well, allowing you to switch between them according to your preference. These VL Plugfones come complete with tear-resistant TuffCords™ that are safe and durable. And wireless versions Never include Out 12-hour batteries to keep the music going for the entire day or long work shifts. Until now, the struggle to stay safe in the work environment while listening to music or audiobooks has been a real one. Thanks to Plugfones Volume Limiting technology, it is a struggle that you no longer need to endure! Grab a pair of VL Plugfones and listen to some music or your favorite podcast while you work. It will give you a pick-up throughout the day increase your enjoyment and work productivity!

Work Compliance

With OSHA-compliant noise limitation, you never have to compromise your safety in the work environment ever again!
“I operate a crane at a corn processing plant; often, I have the crane set up next to extremely loud equipment. This makes it hard for me to hear signals on my 2-way radio. Being able to hear signals clearly is critical for me to operate the crane safely. Having my Plugfones connected to my radio allows me to hear the signals better while also protecting my hearing. They also come home with me and serve as entertainment while I’m mowing the lawn and blowing snow. They come in handy while I’m at play too. I use them regularly while I’m out on the Harley to cut down on the wind whistling through my ears. This ensures I can enjoy some music and hear the navigation system.”

Crane Operator

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