waterproof earplugs for surfing

Waterproof Earplugs for Surfing

We offer a range of earplugs for surfing, swimming and all other water sports specifically designed to keep water out of the ear canal and prevent painful ear infections.

Check our surf earplugs for surfing, swimming, and all other water sports.

Most Popular Waterproof Earplugs for Surfing

Discover our top three best waterproof earplugs, designed to keep water out and comfort in, making them essential for swimming, showering, and water sports. Enjoy your aquatic activities without worry.

Pillow Soft Earplugs

Macks Pillow Soft Earplugs

Mack’s Pillowsoft Waterproof Earplugs deliver unrivaled comfort and a watertight seal, perfect for swimmers and water enthusiasts. Dive in confidently with these in your ears!


$16.95 – $259.90


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Macks Soft Silicone Putty Earplugs

Mack’s Soft Silicone Putty Waterproof Earplugs for Kids are a game-changer, providing a secure and comfortable fit for young swimmers. These earplugs ensure a worry-free aquatic experience, safeguarding your child’s ears with ease.


$16.95 – $259.90

Swimming Earplugs

Alpine SwimSafe Earplugs For Swimming

Alpine SwimSafe Earplugs are vital for swimmers, offering superb water protection while preserving sound clarity. A must-have for a worry-free and enjoyable swimming experience.



Best Surfing Earplugs in Australia

Macks Pillow Soft Earplugs

Macks Pillow Soft Earplugs, recommended by Doctors, are specially designed to fit comfortably and securely to block water or sound
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Macks Soft Silicone Putty Waterproof Earplugs for Kids

Introducing Macks Earplugs for Kids! These earplugs provide protection and comfort for kids after surgeries, during flights, and in loud environments. They have a noise reduction rating of 22 decibels, making them ideal for protecting your child's hearing. Made from non-toxic and non-allergenic materials, Macks Waterproof Earplugs for Kids, ensures that your child can enjoy all their favourite activities without worry. Give your child the gift of peace of mind with Macks Waterproof Earplugs for Kids.
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Alpine SwimSafe Earplugs for Swimming

If you're looking for a way to keep water out of your ears while swimming or showering, Alpine SwimSafe Earplugs are the perfect solution. These earplugs feature unique patented open duct filters that allow you to hear conversations out of the water while still keeping the water out. This prevents water from entering the ears and causing discomfort. Plus, these earplugs are comfortable to wear and won't fall out.
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Macks Ear Seals Earplugs

If you're looking for an earplug that is both comfortable and effective, then you need Macks Ear Seals. These earplugs are made from super soft material with 4 flanges, forming a tight seal in your ear and keeping water out. They also have an impressive noise reduction rating of 27dB, making them perfect for use in noisy environments. Whether swimming or just trying to block out some environmental noise, Mack's Ear Seals are a great choice.
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Macks Dry N Clear – Ear Drying Aid

If you're an avid swimmer or enjoy other water sports, don't go without Macks Dry n Clear. It's simple, fast and will help keep your ears dry and free of discomfort so you can focus on what matters - having fun in the pool or ocean. Get back to enjoying all those activities with confidence knowing that you have a trusted tool right by your side.
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Macks AquaBlock Reusable Earplugs for Swimming

If you're looking for earplugs that will stay firmly in place while you swim, look no further than Macks Aquablocks. These reusable soft silicone earplugs have been specially developed with a unique triple-flange, conical design to ensure a perfect ergonomic fit that will stay comfortable even after extended wear. Plus, the earplugs come in a handy carry case, so you can easily take them on the go. Whether your swimming laps of the pool or surfing, Macks Aquablocks swimming earplugs will keep water out of your ears and allow you to enjoy your time in the water worry-free.
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Eargasm Aquaplugs Waterproof Earplugs

If you're an active person who loves spending time in the water, you need a pair of Eargasm Aquaplugs Waterproof Earplugs! These unique earplugs are not only waterproof, but they also have a patented filter that lets sound in while keeping water out. This means you can still hear clearly while swimming, surfing, or participating in any other water activity. Eargasm Aquaplugs – Waterproof Earplugs are also reusable so you can enjoy them repeatedly. Plus, they come in a variety of colours to match your style. So whether you're hitting the waves or the pool, make sure you do it with a pair of Aquaplugs!
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Top 4 Surfing Earplugs Benefits

Enhanced Surfer Comfort

Earplugs for surfing are designed to provide optimal comfort to surfers. These specially crafted earplugs are made from soft, hypoallergenic materials that fit snugly in the ear canal, preventing water from entering. This eliminates the discomfort caused by cold water, wind, and surf sound while riding the waves. Surfers can enjoy extended sessions without worrying about ear irritation.

Protection Against Surfer's Ear

Surfers are prone to a condition known as “surfer’s ear,” a bony growth in the ear canal caused by exposure to cold water and wind. Earplugs for surfing act as a barrier, preventing water from entering the ear, and thus, reducing the risk of developing surfer’s ear. Investing in surf ear plugs in Australia or anywhere you surf can help you maintain ear health in the long term.

Enhanced Auditory Awareness

Earplugs for surfing are designed to be acoustically transparent, allowing surfers to maintain clear auditory perception while in the water. This means you can stay attuned to your surroundings, including important sounds like approaching waves or fellow surfers. By wearing ear plugs for surfing, you can strike a balance between protection and situational awareness.

Longer Surfing Sessions

With earplugs for surfing in place, you can enjoy extended surfing sessions without the discomfort and potential ear problems associated with water exposure. Whether you’re riding the waves in Australia or anywhere else, these earplugs enable you to focus on your surf session and stay in the water for longer durations, maximizing your time in the ocean.

Surfing earplugs infographics

Experience Surfing In Perfect Harmony

Choosing earplugs for surfing from Sleep and Sound ensures a superior surfing experience. With their specialized expertise, these earplugs are designed to provide the utmost comfort and protection, tailored to the needs of surfers. Sleep and Sound offers custom-fit options for a secure and comfortable fit, preventing earplugs from slipping during your surf sessions. Their earplugs maintain acoustic transparency, allowing you to hear essential sounds while safeguarding your ears.

Made from high-quality, hypoallergenic materials, they are durable and resistant to surf’s harsh conditions. With a strong reputation and positive customer reviews, Sleep and Sound’s earplugs are the trusted choice for surfers seeking top-notch ear protection.

Surfing Experience with Surfing Earplugs

  • Earplugs for surfing significantly elevate the surfing experience by offering comfort, protection, and an extended time in the water.
  • They prevent cold water from entering the ears, eliminating distraction and discomfort, and allowing surfers to stay focused on catching waves. The barrier they create also shields against surfer’s ear, a painful condition caused by exposure to cold water and wind.
  • This ensures better ear health in the long run. High-quality earplugs maintain clear hearing, enabling surfers to stay attuned to vital sounds in the ocean.
  • Plus, they can be custom-fitted for secure placement, enhancing both comfort and effectiveness.

Overall, surfing earplugs provide a safer, more enjoyable surf session.

Enhancing Your Surfing Experience with Surfing Earplugs

What You Need to Know Earplugs for Surfing?

Choosing The Best Surfing Earplugs

Selecting the perfect earplugs for your surfing adventures is crucial for your comfort and safety. Here's a guide to help you make an informed choice from SleepandSound.com.au:

  • Fit and Comfort: Seek earplugs with a secure, comfortable fit. Our custom-molded options guarantee earplugs that remain in place during intense surf sessions, providing ultimate comfort for extended wear.
  • Material Quality: Sleep and Sound earplugs for surfing are crafted from high-quality, hypoallergenic materials. These materials are gentle on the skin, reducing the risk of irritation or allergies, and are ideal for frequent use in the water.
  • Acoustic Transparency: Our earplugs maintain acoustic transparency, allowing you to hear important sounds like approaching waves and fellow surfers while still protecting your ears. Balancing protection with situational awareness is a top priority.
  • Watertight Seal: Ensure your chosen earplugs create a waterproof seal in your ear canal. This seal prevents cold water and wind from entering.
  • Durability: Our earplugs are built to withstand the challenging surf environment, including exposure to saltwater and rough handling. Their durability ensures a long-lasting and reliable performance.
  • Brand Reliability: Rely on SleepandSound.com.au, a trusted source for premium ear protection products. Our satisfied customers attest to the exceptional performance and durability of our earplugs through positive reviews.

Proper Insertion And Maintenance

Here are essential tips on how to correctly insert and maintain your SleepandSound.com.au surfing earplugs:


  • Begin with clean hands and clean earplugs.
  • Gently pull your ear upward and outward to straighten the ear canal.
  • Slowly and carefully insert the earplugs for surfing following our provided instructions, ensuring they fit snugly but comfortably.
  • Hold the earplugs in place for a few seconds to allow them to form a secure seal.


  • After each use, rinse your earplugs with fresh water to remove salt and debris.
  • Periodically clean them with mild soap and water or a recommended earplug cleaner.
  • Regularly inspect your earplugs for any signs of wear, damage, or deterioration, and replace them as necessary.
  • Store your SleepandSound.com.au earplugs in a clean, dry case or pouch to protect them from contamination and damage.

Did You Know?

Prolonged exposure to cold water and wind can lead to a condition known as surfer's ear, characterized by the growth of bony protrusions in the ear canal. This condition can cause pain, discomfort, and hearing loss. Using ear protection, like earplugs, helps prevent the development of surfer's ear.


Surfing ear plugs are specialized ear protection devices designed for surfers. They are crucial for preventing cold water and wind from entering your ears, reducing the risk of surfer’s ear, enhancing comfort, and preserving your hearing.
Absolutely! Our surf ear plugs are designed to meet the needs of surfers in Australia and around the world. They provide protection against the unique environmental conditions faced by surfers in Australian waters.
Surf ear plugs are designed to maintain acoustic transparency, allowing you to hear important sounds like approaching waves and fellow surfers while reducing the intensity of harmful surf sounds. They strike a balance between protection and situational awareness.
Yes, we offer custom-fit surfing ear plugs to ensure a secure and comfortable fit. Customization enhances their performance and prevents them from falling out during intense surf sessions.
Yes, these ear plugs are specifically designed to reduce the risk of surfer’s ear, a condition caused by prolonged exposure to cold water and wind. By wearing them, you can protect your ears and maintain better ear health.
We stand by the quality of our products. Many of our surfing ear plugs come with warranties and satisfaction guarantees to ensure your peace of mind and satisfaction with your purchase.
Yes, our surfing ear plugs are engineered for prolonged use. They provide comfort and protection, allowing you to enjoy longer surf sessions without discomfort or irritation in your ears.
Surf ears are specialized ear protection devices designed exclusively for surfers, offering a secure and comfortable fit while maintaining acoustic transparency for situational awareness in the water.
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