Whether you are a musician, attend concerts or are regularly exposed to music played at even mildly damaging levels, Earasers don’t plug up your ears and muffle sound like more conventional earplugs. They have been designed with a special filter which makes everything still sound clear, only softer.

Manufactured by a 50-year-old hearing aid company, and developed by their lead engineer – a musician for over 20 years – Earasers filter out loud noise while still allowing you to hear it right, at a safe, comfortable level.

Earasers Earplugs discreet

Earasers Hi Fidelity Earplugs

The Earasers soft silicone design is based on one of the most widely used hearing aid tips in the market. There is no need for expensive trips to a specialist to get custom ear moulds. The Smart Seal technology conforms to the shape of your ear canal for a more comfortable fit that you can wear all day.

Earasers soft silicone is extremely durable, easily cleaned and will last you a long time.

Earasers Earplugs in ear


Musicians have to be able to focus on the different layers of instrumentation. Earasers utilise a unique attenuation “V filter” to provide up to 19dB of protection in the frequencies you need it most. The result is the world’s first flat frequency response earplugs.

EARasers Musicians High Fidelity Earplugs are innovative and cutting edge. Whether musician, DJ or someone that likes to party, looking after your ears and your hearing is one of the most important things that you can ever do! 

Festival earasers

Discreet Design

Earasers are an almost invisible earplug made from clear medical grade silicone (this means they are hypoallergenic and not going to cause any discomfort and or infection).

how to insert EARasers Peace and Quiet Earplugs

Unique Filter Design

They have been manufactured with a natural patent open design to allow sound to move closer to the eardrum, before being attenuated and filtered. The result is they give you a much clearer sound. This design is patented and totally unique to Earasers. Unlike other ear plugs that tend to give a muffled and or underwater sound.

The placement of the filter enables a more precise sound and removes harsh frequencies giving you about 19 decibels of harmful noise reduction.

One of the biggest things that many musicians love about the Earasers is that they fit easily and comfortably under a set of headphones so that you don’t need to remove them when you are in the mix.

fitting Earasers Earplugs 

Comfortable & Easy To Wear

Another great thing about Earasers Musician Ear Plugs is that they are colour matched to easily identify the left and right ear.  You’ll see on the Earasers a red line on the right earplug and a blue line on the left to ensure that you put them in the correct ear.


Earasers are fully reusable, so simply wipe with a clean cloth and store them in the handy sealable carry case provided.

Earasers come in three different sizes, small, medium and large and thanks to the smart seal, there is a size that will fit every ear 

Perfect For

  • Musicians
  • DJ’s
  • Event Coordinator
  • Security/Bouncer
  • Night Club Staff
  • Concert Goers

So whatever your needs, the Earasers Hi Fidelity will help you look after your hearing way into the future

Earplugs Barstaff Earasers

EARasers Musicians Hi-Fi Earplugs have a 5 NRR rating just enough to take the edge off loud music.

A stand out perfect accompaniment for all Singers, DJ’s, Musicians, Bar Staff, Producers, Music Enthusiasts, Night Club Staff, Band Members, Venue Operators, Bouncers & Security Personnel or anyone who is exposed to loud noise/music.

EARasers have been designed to work like custom earplugs.

The soft medical grade silicone creates a comfortable fit and the “Smart Seal” allows EARasers to fit each individual’s ear shape eliminating the need for costly customised impressions.

EARasers Benefits

  • Virtually Invisible – Very Discreet – No Large or Bulky Central Stem.
  • Reduces up 19db of Dangerous High-Frequency Sounds.
  • The World’s FIRST Flat Frequency Response Ear Plug [+/- 4.5db; 125Hz-8KHz]
  • Smart Seal Technology ensures a Perfect & Comfortable, Near True Custom Fit
  • Reusable.
  • Retains Clarity of Sound.
  • No Blocked/Plugged up Feeling.
  • Replaces the Need for Costly Custom Ear Plugs.  
  • Hear Sounds Clearly at a Safe and Comfortable level.
  • Made of Soft Transparent Medical Grade Silicone
  • Colour Coded for Left and Right Ear.
  • Durable Keychain Storage Case
  • Very Affordable
  • The open canal shape is specifically designed to allow sound to travel closer to the eardrum before being filtered, creating a more natural sound which keeps the musical layering intact.

What makes EARasers Acoustics So Special?

One of the biggest concerns our customers have and ask us frequently is “Do Ear Plugs distort music and tone?”

“V-Filter”™ Acoustic Resonance Technology: We have the only passive earplug in the world that essentially inverts the natural resonance of your ear canal. While the resonance of the ear does a fine job amplifying soft sounds, it is the main reason loud sounds become unbearable. The natural ear canal will add 17-20 decibels of sound at 2700Hz which you simply don’t need in a loud environment such as listening to a live concert. By inverting the natural resonance of the ear canal, we achieved the only flat frequency response earplug on the planet! (+- 4.5dB; 125Hz – 8000Hz). While other brands offer a “flat attenuator” they are still causing a peak resonance in the most likely region for hearing loss and discomfort, especially in loud environments. There is a big difference between “Flat attenuation” and a “Flat frequency response!”


SMALL – works very well with the majority of women, younger males, and some men who prefer a more snug, further-in-the-ear canal fit.
MEDIUM – work well with Adult Males who prefer not-so-far-in-the-ear canal fit.
LARGE – a smaller percentage of the population.

Earasers Earplugs sizes

What Size Should I Choose?

While we wish there were an easy chart for everyone to follow to find their perfect sized EARasers earplug.

Research has discovered that your individual ear canal size is not at all determined by height and weight, but rather age, gender, and good ol’ DNA from your biological parents.

Years of fitting individuals has given us a general guideline.  Once you’re in the right size for your unique needs….You’ll be all set – and we are ‘hear’ to help you do just that!!

X-SMALL – typically used by youth, such as Primary Schoolers and some High Schoolers, and a very small percentage of the adult population. If you’ve always had a difficult time finding any earplug that would fit comfortably into your ear canal, then this may just be your perfect category for you.

We always recommend you try the SMALL before attempting the X-SMALL.

SMALL – typically the majority of women and younger males (late 20s and younger). Works well for some adult males who have a smaller ear canal.

MEDIUM – typically these work well with Adult Males (later 20s and up) who do well with the average earbud.

LARGE – enjoyed by some males over 60, a very small percentage of the adult population. Some women as well. (Did you know women, that being able to wear this size EARasers earplug is a sign of “Genius!?” (Thank your biological parents.)

Still Wondering About the Right Size?

Time to think back to your personal past experience with earplugs and/or earbuds. Any indication you may have small or tiny canals? If so, we recommend you try the SMALL size. If standard ear-buds seem to work well for you, then perhaps you would do well with the MEDIUM.

Click this link for more info and all Frequently Asked Questions 

EARasers Peace and Quiet Earplugs

What others are saying about Earasers Musicians Hi-Fi Ear Plugs

Michael Castelo
5.0 out of 5 stars If you’re a musician, do your ears a big favour and get these ear plugs!
Verified Purchase

 “I think they (EARasers earplugs) are a fantastic product.  My 2 favourite things about them are the uncoloured sound, and how much easier it is to hear people talking with them in my ears.  Win, Win!  They’re also very comfortable.  All the things they claim to do are true.  Just great…” Dave DiCenso, Drummer for Josh Groban and Professor at Berklee College of Music. 

“Just finished our first set.  The difference between these EARasers and (the other brand) that I was using last night, is night and day.  My playing is SO much better as a result.  Thanks again, these are awesome!  I might order a backup pair just in case something happens to these.  Short of custom moulded plugs, these are absolutely miles above the rest (at a fraction of the price!).  No joke, this pair of plugs is the most practical, awesome piece of gear I’ve acquired in a long time.  I’m on board with what you guys are doing 100%” Austin Solomon, Bassist Larry Mitchell Trio

“Hearing counts when you’re a spotlight operator – Following cues from the show’s LD is crucial to a good performance. I use EARrasers under my communications headset to block out excessive crowd noise without sacrificing my ability to hear my spot cues loud and clear. I recommend EARrasers to any stagehand and touring crew member with confidence. You Need ‘Em!” Jeffery Kelly, IATSE Local 42

“I absolutely love them (EARasers)! I have been using them at rehearsals and played two gigs with them so far and they are brilliant!” Jason Hubbard, Beggars and Choosers, Mondo Inferno, Skeletal Ambitions

“Used the new plugs first time (last Sun) at our jam session. Damn those are good. Way better than my previous ones which I have been using. I am happy to be the owner of the EARasers earplugs! Markus Raipio, Bass player / Second Season Project band

5.0 out of 5 stars Best musician ear plugs for my 10 year old rock drummer!
This review is from Earasers Musicians Plugs Small (Health and Beauty).
It was hard to find sound isolation ear plugs that worked well enough and were comfortable enough that my grade schooler was willing to wear them consistently while playing drums in his “School of Rock” performance group (they just did a “Judas Priest” show…it’s loud!). When practising drums alone he would wear Vic Firth isolation headphones and play music through them to play along with.

However when playing with others those headphones or simple foam ear plugs would distort the sounds of both the drum but even more the other instruments (guitar, bass) so you’d mostly hear the low frequency thumping parts and not the whole sound as it really is. We tried etymotics but even their “comfort/ long wear” (grey version, smaller) was too big and/or the wrong shape to be comfortable for him to keep in.

He’s been using these for a year, with group practices most weeks, along with wearing them at music concerts/festivals we attend together, and we recently had his hearing rechecked during a checkup and it’s still perfect. While the earasers are usually sufficient, sometimes he feels like he needs more sound reduction so I called the company, and they are putting a stronger (but still hi-fi) filter in another set for us to buy to use when needed (you need to ask them for this, it’s not currently an option/product when ordering them online). Finally, most kids (and adults!?), he doesn’t want to be the only one wearing something funny-looking (so didn’t want to wear big headphones while playing with the group, even if those did work), and these are near invisible (tiny clear handle piece just visible).

We were at a music festival and someone else offered us foam ear plugs for him thinking he was wearing nothing despite the fact he had these in and was comfortably enjoying the music..you couldn’t tell unless you looked closely.”  Bikelink , AMAZON review: Earasers Musicians Plugs Small (Health and Beauty), 5.0 out of 5 stars Best musician ear plugs!

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How do I know if I have an appropriate seal?

Once you’ve ordered your size, you will need to insert both EARasers earplugs (Red is Right, Blue is Left – colour side indicator stripes facing you, then bring straight back so line ultimately ends up facing towards the back of your head.)

Drop your jaw, and gently pull either up or down on your actual ear with one hand, while gently inserting your EARasers earplugs with the other hand. The string with the ball is simply to help you remove it from your ear, so pressing on it won’t hurt it.

Dropping your jaw will help straighten your ear canal to achieve a better seal. You will know you have an appropriate seal when YOU begin to speak. While everything else will sound normal with EARasers inserted, your own voice when speaking should result in “a head voice” or “an occlusion when you speak”. Similar to you putting your fingers in your ears and speaking.

If you don’t find that “head voice” when you speak, repeat the above steps to see if you can find that. First, make sure you have Red in Right and Blue in Left and that the lines are positioned properly.

Often, we see people rotate their hand while inserting and end up putting their earplug in backwards. – Be certain you’ve not done this.

EARasers should never hurt your ear canal, or be uncomfortable. However, they do need to be able to seal your ear canal. If you are unable to achieve your “head voice when speaking”, then you may need to swap sizes.

How do I clean my Earasers?

Your Earasers can easily be cleaned following the steps below.  Be certain to NEVER (say it with me…..NEVER) stick or poke anything down into the tip, or opening, of your earplug.  Doing so WILL result in a popped, or unsecured, filter rendering your earplug “damaged” and thus voiding any warranty.

* To clean your Earasers, simply rinse off under warm water and let dry.  Water will not harm the filter, however, try to refrain from using soaps as they may cling to your filter and create build up.

* If you use wipes or wet towelettes, be sure to use only “Alcohol-Free” products as alcohol will dry out the silicone over time and may compromise the integrity of your earplug.  

* It is normal for ears to generate earwax. While we highly recommend you clean your ears, each time, prior to inserting your earplugs, we realise this will not always happen. If wax, or debris, goes into the tip of your Earasers, it can gently be removed by simply using a “Soft Bristled Brush” such as a Soft Head Toothbrush, or a soft Baby Nail Brush. (These items can usually be found in any Grocery, Supermarket, or Dollar Store.)  

Using warm water and the soft bristle brush, gently work the wax and debris out by making soft motions over the opening. The soft bristles will gently remove the wax without having to insert anything down into the tip. 

Everything sounds so clear with my Earasers! How did you do it?

There are several reasons why EARasers provide amazing listening clarity.

First, most earplugs, including custom moulded sets, place the filter outside the opening of the canal. Sound is then filtered and still has to travel through a narrow tiny curved tube (or canal) to reach the eardrum.

EARasers patented open design was created to let sound travel farther more naturally before it reaches the filter which is strategically placed at the tip, nearer the eardrum. By reducing the travel distance, EARasers naturally achieve clarity.

Secondly, EARasers use an innovative “V” (variable) filter. EARasers focus on the most damaging range of the ears natural resonance (around 3150 Hz) and filters approx. 19dB.

For most people, this keeps concert sound and loud music underneath the uncomfortable and harmful range. EARasers filter less in the normal and natural range (1000 Hz and less) so that most of the sound can come through, and also above 8000 Hz where cymbals and “S”‘s & “T”‘s are in speech.


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