Sleep Masks For Side Sleepers

Sleep Masks For Side Sleepers

Whilst all of our sleep masks are amazing for blocking light and helping achieve the best sleep, some are better for side sleepers! 

We have a range of masks that sit slim on the side of your face and are perfect for us people who like to sleep on their side. 

Top 3 Sleep Masks to Enhance Side Sleeping

Discover our top three best masks for side sleepers, designed for maximum comfort and support. Say goodbye to discomfort and restless nights with these top-rated choices.


Snooz Lightweight Sleep Mask

The Snooz Lightweight Sleep Mask is your ticket to undisturbed slumber, combining comfort and convenience for a restful night’s sleep. Wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day!




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Pure Mulberry Silk Sleep Mask

The Pure Mulberry Silk Sleep Mask for side sleepers is a sleep essential. Its gentle touch and contoured design provide the perfect blend of comfort and darkness, ensuring a night of undisturbed, blissful rest.



Silk Mask

Luxury Silk Eye Mask

A Luxury Silk Eye Mask is a must-have for ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation. Its luxurious feel and light-blocking qualities make it an essential addition to any bedtime routine, ensuring a peaceful and blissful night’s sleep.



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Snooz Lightweight Sleep Mask

The Snooz Lightweight Sleep Mask is no ordinary style mask. Our new design now features the Comfort Bridge for superior light-blocking effectiveness around your nose area and cushioning your eyes without pressure. The perfect mask for travelling to block light when trying to get to sleep on your next flight, buy the Snooz Sleep Mask online today! This great cost-effective sleep mask is perfect for promotional events, parties, hens nights, and kids' sleepovers give-away - surprise your customers with this one-size-fits-all silky soft sleep mask. Snooz - for a good night's sleep!
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Pure Mulberry Silk Sleep Mask for Side Sleepers

Introducing the Pure Mulberry Silk Sleep Mask for Side Sleepers – a luxurious eye mask that is perfect for those who sleep on their side. Made from high-quality, all-natural mulberry silk, this mask is constructed to be thin enough to be comfortable when sleeping on your side while still maintaining the soft, supple feel of silk. The Pure Mulberry Silk Sleep Mask for Side Sleepers is a small luxury with amazing benefits. Unlike other sleep masks on the market, our mask is made from superior mulberry silk materials that gently apply pressure to your face, leaving you with a cool and inviting sensation to relax. Additionally, our mask is thin enough to be comfortable when sleeping on your side while still providing the benefits of a sleep mask.  
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Luxury Silk Eye Mask

Looking for a way to get the best night's sleep ever? Look no further than the Luxury Silk Eye Mask! Made from 100% natural mulberry silk, this eye mask is incredibly soft and gentle on your skin. It provides complete darkness, which will help you relax and fall asleep more easily. Plus, the fully adjustable strap is stretchy and slides easily to fit any adult-size head comfortably. So why wait? Get the best night's sleep of your life with the Luxury Silk Eye Mask!
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Sleep Mask for Side Sleepers (SleepSoft Ear Plugs Bundle)

Do you need a sleep mask that will be soothing enough to sleep on your side? The Silk Eye Mask for Side
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Dreamsonic Bluetooth Sleep Mask

Experience sleep like never before with the Sleep and Sound Dreamsonic Wireless Bluetooth Sleep Mask Headphone. A revolutionary Bluetooth Sleep Mask Headphone to block out light and noise! Ergonomically designed to be soft and comfortable, block out light, and reduce external noise interruption while you enjoy up to 9-10 hours of music paired between devices via Version 5.0 Bluetooth technology. This lightweight mask sits comfortably on your face while thin speakers produce soothing soundscapes that'll lull you off to dreamland even in noisy or bright environments!    
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Natural Soft BAMBOO Breathe Easy Eye Mask

This soft padded, natural bamboo eye mask, is handmade using fully breathable material to gently rests over your eyes to
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Dream Essentials Twilight Side Sleeper

The exclusive sleep/eye mask from Dream Essentials is a value-priced black eye mask, cushioned and contoured to comfortably block light. Fantastic for bedtime, travel or taking the best nap ever. Take some time for yourself and keep dreaming. Adjustable head strap.
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Finding Your Ideal Sleep Mask Based on Your Requirements

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What Are Side Sleepers' Sleep Masks?

Unlocking Deep Sleep

Sleep is vital for health and well-being. For side sleepers, achieving undisturbed rest can be challenging with standard sleep masks, which may shift or let light in. Specialized masks for side sleepers address these issues. Designed to stay in place and contour snugly against the face, they ensure complete darkness and comfort throughout the night. These masks prioritize both fit and function, allowing side sleepers to enjoy a deeper, more restful sleep. Investing in a tailored sleep mask means prioritizing quality rest, ensuring you wake up refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

How Sleep Masks are Helpful for Side Sleepers?

Contoured Design

Unlike standard masks, those designed for side sleepers often feature a contoured shape that snugly fits the unique curvature of a side-sleeping face. This design ensures the mask remains in place throughout the night, preventing it from sliding or being pushed out of position, leading to consistent coverage and protection from light intrusion.

Pressure Distribution

Side sleepers may find traditional masks exert undue pressure on the temples or sides of the face when pressed against a pillow. Masks tailored for side sleepers are designed with even pressure distribution in mind, ensuring they are comfortable and won’t dig into the skin.

No Light Gaps

One common issue with standard masks is the formation of gaps between the mask and face, especially when sleeping on one's side. This can allow disruptive light to seep in. Masks made for side sleepers are crafted to seal these gaps, providing a complete blackout experience, essential for deep, uninterrupted sleep.

Breathable and Soft Materials

The materials chosen for side sleeper masks are typically soft and breathable. This ensures that even when pressed against the pillow, the mask feels gentle on the skin, and there's ample airflow, preventing overheating or excessive sweating, which can disrupt sleep.

best sleep eye mask for side sleepers

Sleep Mask for Side Sleepers Buying Guide

The Importance of Material


  • Why It Matters: The material your sleep mask is made from directly influences your comfort and skin health.
  • What to Look For: Seek hypoallergenic fabrics that reduce the risk of skin irritations or allergic reactions. Materials such as silk, cotton, or specialized breathable synthetics ensure a soft and gentle touch against your skin. A comfortable material ensures that you remain free from disturbances like itching or sweating as you sleep.


    • Why It Matters: The fit of the mask can make or break your sleeping experience.
    • What to Look For: Choose sleep masks that offer adjustable straps or bands. This ensures the mask sits securely without being overly tight, providing an individualized fit that adapts to your unique face structure. A well-fitted mask remains in place, consistently blocking light even as you shift in your sleep.

Special Features to Consider

Contour & Design

  • Why It Matters: The contour of the mask is pivotal for side sleepers.
  • What to Look For: Masks designed with side sleepers in mind will have a contoured shape that adapts to the curves of your face, especially around the nose and cheek area. This design prevents light gaps and reduces pressure points, offering an uninterrupted and comfortable sleep experience.

Price vs. Quality

  • Why It Matters: A good night’s sleep is invaluable, but it’s essential to find a balance between quality and affordability.
  • What to Look For: While higher-priced masks often offer better quality, it’s vital to assess the features and read reviews to ensure you’re getting value for your money. Remember, an investment in a quality sleep mask pays dividends in improved sleep and overall well-being.

Why Opt for Side Sleeper Sleep Masks from Sleep & Sound?

  • At Sleep & Sound, we've curated an exceptional collection of sleep masks specifically designed for side sleepers. Recognizing the unique needs of side-sleeping individuals, our handpicked assortment ensures the utmost comfort, fit, and light blockage. Each mask in our collection is sourced from top-tier manufacturers, ensuring premium quality and durability.
  • They come crafted in materials that are gentle on the skin, with adjustable straps for a customized fit. We prioritize our customers' sleep quality, which is why our range ensures no pressure on the eyes, promoting undisturbed slumber.
  • Dive into Sleep & Sound's collection today and discover the perfect blend of form, function, and unparalleled comfort for side sleepers.
  • Experience a deeper, more peaceful rest with the best choices from our expertly curated range.
Why Opt for Side Sleeper Sleep Masks from Sleep & Sound


If you’re a side sleeper, using a mask tailored to your sleep position can significantly improve your sleep quality. It helps block out light effectively and ensures a comfortable fit throughout the night.

Sleep masks for side sleepers are typically contoured or designed with extra padding to prevent pressure on the eyes and provide a comfortable fit while lying on your side.

Yes, our masks are designed with comfort in mind. They use soft, breathable materials to prevent discomfort even during long nights of sleep.

Yes, our masks are made from skin-friendly materials, such as silk, cotton, or bamboo. These materials are gentle and hypoallergenic, making them suitable for sensitive skin.

Using a specialized mask can help you achieve uninterrupted sleep, promote deeper REM cycles, and reduce sleep disruptions caused by light or discomfort. It can enhance your overall sleep quality and provide a more restful night.

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